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No matter what your business may be, your Web site can reach customers localy and worldwide.
Web Durango can build a custom Web site to fit your needs.

In Web design, as with many things, practice makes perfect. At WebDurango we've had a lot of practice! Since 2000, we have designed and developed over 300 Web sites. The one thing we have learned in building Web sites is that our process is the key to our success. Keep reading to learn a little more about the process developed to help serve you.

Take a Seat and Let the Ideas Flow:
You can come into the office and meet in person or communicate with us through e-mail. The first step in designing or re-designing a Web site is to have vision. Come prepared to meet with our designers to put your creative ideas into action. We love to hear your thoughts on what our services can do for your business. Now is the time for us to collaborate and decide on the functionality and layout for your site.

During this stage it is also a good idea to bring any content you would like included in the site. This can be pictures, pdf's, text, sites you like, etc. to let us know what you envision. Ideally we have all your site's content before we get too far along.

Let Us Design a Site Mock-up:
From here we put your ideas into a formatted style developed specifically for the Web. We take into consideration color schemes, font-styles, layout, and even average screen widths to create a unique site display.

Depending on your feelings thus far, we can keep the mock up or scrap the whole idea and start over. It's entirely up to you!

Ok Let's Code already!
Now comes the fun part. Once we have a design that meets your approval, our team of Web developers make this mock-up fully functional using W3C compliant coding standards, keeping you updated along the way to make sure all functionality needs are met. Making changes on the fly ensures no time is wasted growing off an idea that is no longer needed. Communication is the key to delivering a quality product and meets or exceeds your expectations.

The finishing touches are added and VOILA! Your personalized site is born!

Call (970) 422-3073 or email for an appointment to discuss your Web site design.